When a bitcoin was worth $ 100 – Here is a new life trajectory that has been completely altered by Bitcoin (BTC). After the story of a gamer who discovered Bitcoin in 2011 by chance, thanks to a video game, today we are going to tell you that of a video game developer, who made his fortune thanks to the king of cryptocurrencies.

A discovery in 2 steps: a rejection, then an investment

John Ratcliff’s adventure , now 59, begins in 2012 , when he was offered his first bitcoin . As he explains in his testimony to the New York Post, he did not initially particularly appreciate being offered this strange and almost unknown „digital currency“, which was then only worth $ 13 a unit.

His perspective began to change in 2013 , when he explained that he saw that:

“[Bitcoin] was worth $ 72. So I took my wife to a nice dinner to celebrate. “

This video game developer, who lives in Colorado, then learned more about the incredible potential of this new invention. This is how he then decided to invest what represented for him a large amount of money in Immediate Edge.

Also in 2013, he bought $ 15,000 worth of bitcoins, at $ 100 each . If he had kept them all, his 150 BTC would be worth over $ 5.1 million , as of this writing.

He offers himself a dream house and a state-of-the-art Tesla with his BTCs

John Ratcliff, however, does not HODL all of his bitcoins, and has offered himself with some “little” earthly pleasures.

First, he explains that he is waiting for his new $ 250,000 Tesla Roadster to go into production. A racing car he pre-ordered thanks to the sale of 6 BTC.

But his greatest gift thanks to Bitcoin is his new home, which he is currently overseeing the construction of. The $ 1.4 million with a view of the mountains of Colorado, the video game developer indulgent. As he jokes:

“My wife wanted to call our new home ‚the Bitcoin Mansion‘. But I told him it sounded a bit too kitsch.“

John Ratcliff also took the opportunity to pay off his children’s student loans , buy a house for his nephew, and set aside some of his crypto fortune for charity .